Limited edition collaboration

This zero waste windbreaker is the result of a collaboration between the KIABI design teams and Mylène L’Orguilloux, co-founder of ZWDO Collective. As a first zero waste exploration, Kiabi  distributed this windbreaker in limited edition from 2021 April 9th.

Share information to augment the impact

To augment the impact of this pattern development, KIABI agreed to share the technical information publicly so both individuals and organizations can reuse the optimization work for future windbreaker productions.

Home sewing adaptations

As part of ZWDO Collective, Mylène L’Orguilloux - initially in charge of the DIY development - decided to make the most of the collective pedagogy skills to adapt the industrial version into a version accessible to home-makers, that provide pedagogy, size inclusivity and language accessibility.

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This resource is open source (free to use) and protected by the Creative commons licence BY-ND. 



The Ø Waste Windbreaker is a versatile, reversible, easy fitting garment that is suitable for any body. It has a stand-up collar, with a centre front half zipper, elasticated wrists and hem and a front central pocket that is great for storing your phone or keys or dog treats.

The garment pattern has been developed so that it fits a range of body types, shapes and sizes, regardless of gender. If you like the windbreaker - make it!

Nota Bene : for the time being 5 sizes are available to test. We are seeking community feedback before going further in the development of a wider size range.



This educational resource includes pdf instructions, graded sheet pattern and

ready-to-use zero waste cutting plans. 

It also gives you access to an online forum where you are welcome to ask questions and discuss about the making process with the community. 

Any feedbacks to share about the content, please do it here:


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4 people involved - 195 Hours - 4095€ - Self funded

This adaptation work has been made by a team of 4 people ; Cassandra Belanger, Mylène L’Orguilloux,  Ronan Silve & Holly McQuillan. Till the release of this version, V.1.0, a total of 195 hours were required to complete the work including, size adaptations,  technical simplifications, sewing, text writing, sketching, testing, collective meetings, translations, feedbacks collect, modifications etc...  Between charges, materials, software and  website fees, so far it costed 4095 € to ZWDO collective. The collective activity is self-funded. We volunteer in our free time and pay freelancers to extend our capacity and impact. To help us continue to develop community calls, open source resources, social content creation and more, any donations as little as €1 are more than welcome!

V.1.0 - May 13th 2021
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Donations as little as €1 are welcome!

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