We are a group of designers, researchers and social entrepreneurs who are committed to nurturing the growth of ZWDO and - most importantly - the impact of our work on a global scale, led by the needs, unique skills and collaboration of the wonderful zero waste design community.

Based in 4 different countries, we collaborate remotely.

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Glasgow, UK

"I see my work as an invitation to step into a more sustainable future. It challenges home sewists, designers and educators to think through the social and environmental impacts of their practice, exploring issues such as zero waste, transparency, feminism, sizism, and body image. My practice is always viewed through the lens of intersectionality. I also explore the idea of colour therapy in my design process as a response to my own experience of depression and anxiety.


Originally from Western Canada, I currently run The Stitchery Studio in Glasgow, Scotland. The Stitchery offers private tuition and pop-up workshops, educating both home sewers and designers on the topics of garment construction, machining skills, sustainable design processes, garment fitting, classic tailoring, pattern cutting (including zero waste pattern cutting), and patchwork quilting, all with an approach to encouraging sustainable thinking. I am also a founding member of Sustainable Fashion Scotland."

- Cass

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Borås, Sweden

"I'm a zero waste design researcher originally from New Zealand but currently living in Sweden. My research explores sustainable fashion from a systems approach through practice.

I focus on issues such as transition design, the impact of technology and I love to challenge established design, production and use practices.

I co-authored Zero Waste Fashion Design with Timo Rissanen and we are currently writing the second edition. In 2011 we also curated Yield: Making fashion without making waste, which was the first contemporary exhibition focussing on zero waste fashion.

You might also know about the open-source zero waste resource Make/Use that I lead the development of in 2015. I’ve been developing my zero waste expertise for 15 years as a lecturer and researcher, and in my work I always seek to broaden the impact of zero waste and sustainable fashion design through research, publication, workshops and lectures.

I recently finished my PhD at the Swedish School of Textiles exploring zero waste systems thinking through the innovative design and production of textile-forms such as whole garment weaving."

- Holly

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Lille, France

"I am a French garment making nerd. I have always been attracted by industrial processes & rules but paradoxically can’t help questioning them all the time. Driven by environmental and social justice, I will always keep experimenting at the intersection of manual & digital to see how I could solve the issues I’m pointing at.

In a former life I was a CAD specialist at Lectra international Helpdesk. My work was advising textile companies in the daily use of 2D/3D pattern-making and fabric optimization software. Becoming aware of textile waste issues, I quit and created MILAN AV-JC to raise awareness on ZWFD. Here I released open source ZW patterns, facilitated workshops and organised Clo3D education for fashion schools, textile companies and freelance garment makers.

Since 2019, I have been commissioned by Decathlon to lead a 12 months POC (Proof of concept) on Minimal Waste Design with the assignment to analyse environmental and economical benefits.  Now I am working on implementation strategies, including training, technical support, knowledge management tools and providing consultancy to other textile organisations."

- Mylène

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Portland, USA

"I am a zero waste designer. I developed a complete zero-waste design system to solve industry problems through communication, sharing, and play which recently won the international Evian award. I have dedicated my life's work to proving zero-waste as a valid and robust design model and for over a decade, I have learned from industry, educational institutions, and self-run initiatives to understand how best to do this. What began as a love for puzzle solving through zero-waste pattern-making, became a way to fix the fashion industry’s biggest problem.

My work revolves around the notion of 'Circling the Square,' to solve the impossible problem of sustainability within the fashion industry. It focuses on using a bold graphic language, colour theory, and pattern cutting manipulation to tell the story of its Zero Waste Design."

- Danielle

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