Tie & Dye Zero Waste Spiral Trousers | Anouk van de Visch

Hi ZWDO Community!

My name is Anouk van de Visch, I’m from Holland but living in Spain for almost 20 years already. I lived 15 years in Málaga and since 4 years I’m living in a village 30 min driving from Madrid.

I always liked textiles and making the things what I have in my head.

When I finished my study in Amsterdam I worked for a few years as a secondary school teacher in textile art and handicrafts till I decided to move to Málaga for studying Spanish. I always liked Spain and wanted to live in Spain.

I’m aware we have to take care of the sea and the environment and try to waste less.

So I like to make my own clothes or upcycle them.

www.vidavisch.com / @anoukvandevisch

When I heard about Zero Waste Pattern making I found it very interesting. In June this year I did an online workshop from Moda Sostenible Barcelona with Verónica Larraín. She mentioned a few Zero Waste patterns designers and talked about Holly McQuillan & Timo Rissanen’s book.

So after the workshop I went looking for more information and saw the video with the spiral trousers from Holly and I thought 'wow I would like to make a pair of those too!' Trousers are always very difficult for me to make them, I don’t know why but they never fit properly.

So I attended the online workshop of ZWDO which had a focus on Spiral trousers/shorts and I started to make miniatures prototypes.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Spiral Trousers - zero waste pattern designed by Holly McQuillan.

I then made some print test using Shibori tie & dye techniques: