Dear ZWDO Community, 

Since launching in August 2020 our small but dedicated team has been volunteering hard to create the best resources we can on Zero Waste Design & Zero Waste sewing. In addition to a few paid workshops we run, we have spent most of our time developing free educational content for you to know more about the concept and get inspired. This includes community calls, blog posts, Slack forum access, monthly newsletters, designers features, DIY patterns and a weekly community spotlight on instagram. 

To make sure zero waste design is massively spread over industry, design, education and the home sewing world, we'd like to keep as much educational content as possible for free. But we also have to face the economical reality we live in. Free content doesn't pay neither our bills nor salaries. For more than one year we have been covering the expenses of creating educational content with personal funds but of course this is not sustainable for the future of the collective.

This is where we need your help!

While we continue to work on developing a ZW e-learning platform, content creation, and international grant applications, we wanted to introduce a membership program if you are interested in helping our progress.

If you have enjoyed or found any of our free or paid content valuable and are in a position to become a financially contributing supporter and active member of ZWDO, don’t miss your chance! We have created tiered memberships for you to help us based on your interest and financial capacities. 

You may wonder
where your money is going?

Good question!

Our goal for the membership program is €1450 per month to cover our running costs, which are detailed below so you know where your money is going:

🔹 Social Media Manager Salary 1 day/week: €670
Since January 21, we work with Mairi Lowe to help us increase the quality of what we offer you on social media and level up ZWDO’s impact.

🔸 Erasmus Internship full-time: €570
Ecaterina Verbitcaia, has joined our team for a period of 3 months internship (Sept-Nov) to help on the collective development.

🔹 Monthly subscriptions (Zoom, Miro, Vimeo, Wix Website, Thinkific (e-learning platform), Bank + Insurance): €210

ZWDO Running Cost Pie Chart.png

Not included in this total are our in-kind contributions: Mylène is currently working full time for ZWDO unpaid, and Cass and Danielle are volunteering as much as possible!

You wish you could support ZWDO but you can't afford?

No problem!


If you cannot afford any of the memberships, there are other ways to support ZWDO!


  • Support with a one-time donation. As little as €2 is helpful!

  • Volunteer 4 hours a month for ZWDO to get a visionary membership.

  • Or if you don't have time, join the waitlist to claim a gifted membership!  

Please know, we will keep Instagram posts, live Community Calls, blog post previews, the Slack Forum, monthly newsletter and weekly community spotlights accessible for FREE.


In case none of those options works for you,  please consider giving us a shoutout on your social media to support the ZWDO team!

Membership  Contributive debt model (1).png
Thank you!

Thank you for all your support so far and in future.

We’re excited to continue to provide educational ZWD content,

and to have your and the community’s help to keep the collective going.

Mylène, Danielle, Cass, and Holly

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danielle - zwdo our team.png
cass - zwdo our team.png
holly _ zwdo our team.png